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Network wiring should not be an afterthought!

Computer networks depend upon physical connections for their operation. If a network is not wireless, then it needs wiring to allow computers to share information. If the wiring is loose or intermittently disconnected, people will have trouble accessing shared information.

If the wiring is of poor quality, electrical signals from nearby equipment could force your network computers to resend information many times until it goes through – a situation that degrades performance for everyone on your network.

Good installation quality is essential

Installation quality makes a big difference in reliability. A poorly installed network cable system is a waste of materials, time and money.

Proper labeling saves time and money

Lennon Group use clearly labeled wiring with tags that won’t fall off. Make sure that every wire, connection jack or fixture is labeled in a legible, accessible way. Label EVERYTHING at both ends of the connection and adopt a concise naming convention. Having to trace and hunt down wires during network service can take time, which costs you money and perhaps downtime during migrations or upgrades.

Good Computer wiring is essential to a reliable computer network system. If your network wiring looks like spaghetti, chances are good that you’re not getting the performance and reliability you deserve. A consultation with a network consultant and professional cable installation company (Lennon Group) is well worth the money if you have more than one or two computers. While there is always time and money to do the job right the second time, why not get the benefits of doing the job right the first time?