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Radio Frequency Control Issue

Instead of having a thermostat and timing system built in to the radiator, there is an option to have a radio frequency receiver built in. The radiator or radiators are then operated by a remote controller. The remote is a radio frequency thermostat and timer which sends the operating signals to the radiators. Each remote can operate multiple radiators which can be a great feature when heating a large area with many radiators.

All operating controls are done from one central point instead of having to go to each radiators when changes are required. Within a domestic house situations, a two zone heating system can be set up by using one controller to operate the radiators within living areas and one controller to operate bedrooms or set up multiple zones by using our 6 zone controller (D660) and radio room thermostats (D10) – see back page for more details.

See full details on product here: http://www.electrorad.co.uk

Electro Rad – How it Works

The heart of the heating system is a refractory block combining a unique storage material with modern design and technology, creating a highly efficient heating unit. Within each fireclay refractory heat plate is a low wattage heating element, heating the block from the inside. No exposed element to dry the air. The fluted design provides a large surface area in a small space. If you were to pull the fluted steel flat it would be around 4 times the lenght! It is therefore very efficient at creating radiant heat without the need for huge radiators.

The large, rounded flutes ensure airflow through the radiator to create strong convection.

  1. Refractory fireclay heat plate
  2. Steel Casing
  3. Powder Coating
  4. Large rounded hollow flutes
  5. Top grille
  6. Convection heat
  7. Radiant heat