All projects are carried out by our team of highly trained and experienced teams. All our employees are registered Safe Electric contractors and work to the highest of professional standards.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights are self contained units that are wired into the mains, but have the benefit of battery backup which enables them to remain illuminated should the mains power fail. The batteries are usually carried within the body of the individual light.

LED Lighting

Lennon Group LED lighting technology is the most important change the industry has seen since the invention of the electric light bulb, and it is progressing at a rapid rate. Lennon Group LED lights provide high performance, direct replacements for traditional, less efficient lights. They offer substantial savings on energy consumption and provide a superior light for any environment.

Electric Heating

Electric fireclay radiators German technology and engineering at it’s very best. Instead of having a thermostat and timing system built in to the radiator, there is an option to have a radio frequency receiver built in. The radiator or radiators are then operated by a remote controller. The remote is a radio frequency thermostat and timer which sends the operating signals to the radiators.

Computer Networking

Computer networks depend upon physical connections for their operation. If a network is not wireless, then it needs wiring to allow computers to share information. If the wiring is loose or intermittently disconnected, people will have trouble accessing shared information.